Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sarah Brightman - Classics


1. Ave Maria
2. La Wally
3. Winter Light
4. Anytime, Anywhere
5. Alhambra
6. Lascia Ch'io Pianga
7. Dans La Nuit
8. Serenade/How Fair This Place
9. O Mio Babbino Caro
10. La Luna
11. Pie Jesu
12. Figlio Perduto
13. Nessun Dorma
14. Bailero
15. Time To Say Goodbye

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Friday, August 29, 2008

The Kite Runner


Track listing

1. Opening Titles

2. The Call, Kabul 1978

3. He Hates Me

4. Kite Shop

5. Sin

6. Tanha Shudam Tanha, Ahmad Zahir

7. Kite Tournament

8. Hassan Theme

9. Az Man Begurezed, Ahmad Zahir

10. Plant The Watch

11. Russians Invade

12. The Truth

13. Omaid E Man, Ehsan Aman

14. Fuel Tanker

15. End Phone Call

16. The Stadium

17. Escape

18. Dukhtare Darya, Ehsan Aman

19. Fly A Kite

20. Reading The Letter

21. Supplication, Sami Yusuf

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Naseer Shamma - Ishraq


1. Min al-qalb (From the heart) Kurdi

2. Fawq al-nakhl (Over the palm tree) Hijaz

3. Ishraq (Dawn) Kurdi

4. Qussat kurdiya (Kurdish story) Dasht

5. Lawha (Suffering) Khanabat

6. Halam al-hanin (Nostalgia) 'ajam

7. 'Adhuba (Transparent feeling) Mkhalef

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sayyed Darwish - Beirut Oriental Ensemble

The Oriental Ensemble from Beirut combine virtuoso musicianship with academic study, resulting in truly authentic performances,that make them distinguished for their performances of music from the Arabic and Syriac tradition.

:Ensemble members are

Ghada Shbeir vocal

Rima Khcheich vocal

Gilbert Rahbani Vocal

Imane Homsy qanun

Charbel Rouhana oud

Samir Siblini ney

Ali El Khatib rek

Toufic Kerbage director


01. Mounyati Azza Stibari مـــنـْــيــتــي عــزّ ا صــطــبــاري

02. Ya Shadi Al Alhan يــا شــادي الالـــحــان

03. Ya 'ouzayba Al Marshaf يــا عـــذيـــبــة الـــمــرشـــف

04. Schtou Wajdan صــــحـــت وجـــدا

05.Bisifaten Ga'alatni بـــصـــفـــة جـــعـــلــتــــنــي

06. Namma Dam'i Min 'ouyouni نـــمّ دمــعـــي مــن عـــيـــونــي

07. Salla Fiana Al Lahza Hindiyya ســـلّ فـــيــنا اللــحـــظــة هــنـــديــة

08. Koullama Roumtou Irtishafan كــــلــما رمــــت إرتـــشــــافــا

09. Ya Bahguet Al Rouh يـــا بــهـــجـــة الـــروح

10. Tef Ya Dourri طـــف يــا درّي

11. Al 'azara Al Maissat الـــعــــذارى الـــمــائـــســـات

12. Ya Tara Ba'd Al Bi'ad يـــا تـــرى بــعـــد الـــبــعــاد

13. Hayyara Al Afkar حـــيـّــر الافـــكـــار

14. Hibbi Da'ani Lilwisal حــبــيــبــي دعــنــي للــوصـــال

15. Dayya't Mustaqbal Hayati ضــيــعــت مـســتــقــبـل حــيــاتــي

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Aziza Mustafa Zadeh ♪Shamans

Shamans is the seventh album released by Azeri jazz artist Aziza Mustafa Zadeh. It was released in 2002. In the liner notes, Aziza left a comment about each song. The artwork also contains a number of paintings by Aziza.


01. "Holiday Blessings" — (4:30)
Life is the greatest gift of God

02. "Ladies Of Azerbaijan" — (5:00)
...are gentle but proud

03. "UV" (Unutma Vijdani) — (5:48)
About conscience

04. "Sweet Sadness" — (4:59)
For loving hearts

05. "M25" — (2:58) the largest car park in the world

06. "Ayrilik" — (4:56)
Dedicated to the memory of the beautiful Turkish singer, Zeki Müren

07. "Fire Worship" — (4:34)
Fire as the symbol of life

08. "Shamans" — (9:10)
...are very special people, gifted by God... they can see who you are, and heal you in many ways

09. "Strange Mood" — (5:26)
Dedicated to the genius of Vagif Mustafa Zadeh

10. "Uzun Ince bir yoldayim" — (4:13)
My favourite Turkish song

11. "Endless Power" — (3:43)
...of Vagif's spirit that has tremendous influence on me

12. "Melancholic Princess" — (4:20)
Waiting for the prince of her life...

13. "Bach-Zadeh" — (2:56)
Bach is my first classical composer. As Vagif said, "great jazzman"

14. "Portrait Of Chopin" — (5:36)
My first romantic composer. Like my father, he was only thirty-nine when he died.


Saturday, August 9, 2008

Girl With A Pearl Earring

Music By:Alexandre Desplat

Track Listings

01. Girl With a Pearl Earring

02. Griet's Theme

03. A New Life

04. The Master's House

05. Camera Obscura

06. The Birth Feast

07. Cornelia

08. Vermeer's Studio

09. Winter Nights

10. Van Ruijven

11. Home

12. Colours in the Clouds

13. The Master Is Painting

14. By the Canal with Pieter

15. Catharina's Pearls

16. Colours in the Clouds

17. Girl With a Pearl Earring (Reprise)

18. Silence and Light

19. Griet's Theme (Reprise)

20. Griet Remembers

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008


الغناء حوار القلوب العاشقة

الأستاذ نجيب محفوظ
من أصداء السيرة الذاتية