Thursday, August 14, 2008

Aziza Mustafa Zadeh ♪Shamans

Shamans is the seventh album released by Azeri jazz artist Aziza Mustafa Zadeh. It was released in 2002. In the liner notes, Aziza left a comment about each song. The artwork also contains a number of paintings by Aziza.


01. "Holiday Blessings" — (4:30)
Life is the greatest gift of God

02. "Ladies Of Azerbaijan" — (5:00)
...are gentle but proud

03. "UV" (Unutma Vijdani) — (5:48)
About conscience

04. "Sweet Sadness" — (4:59)
For loving hearts

05. "M25" — (2:58) the largest car park in the world

06. "Ayrilik" — (4:56)
Dedicated to the memory of the beautiful Turkish singer, Zeki Müren

07. "Fire Worship" — (4:34)
Fire as the symbol of life

08. "Shamans" — (9:10)
...are very special people, gifted by God... they can see who you are, and heal you in many ways

09. "Strange Mood" — (5:26)
Dedicated to the genius of Vagif Mustafa Zadeh

10. "Uzun Ince bir yoldayim" — (4:13)
My favourite Turkish song

11. "Endless Power" — (3:43)
...of Vagif's spirit that has tremendous influence on me

12. "Melancholic Princess" — (4:20)
Waiting for the prince of her life...

13. "Bach-Zadeh" — (2:56)
Bach is my first classical composer. As Vagif said, "great jazzman"

14. "Portrait Of Chopin" — (5:36)
My first romantic composer. Like my father, he was only thirty-nine when he died.