Monday, January 12, 2009

جــاي الــحــمــام -صابرين

•Composed and arranged by: Said Murad
•Lyrics: Hussein Barghouti
•Translated into English by Fateh Azzam
•Oud, Kawal, Tableh, Mazhar, Duff: Said Murad
•Lead vocals, Qanoon, Buzuq, Mazhar: Kamilya Jubran
•Drums: Issam Murad
•Electric bass guitar & vocals: Samer Musalem
•• Additional :
•Violin: Nell Catchpole
•Acoustic guitar, Saxophone: Chris Smith
•Back-up vocals: Wisam Murad
•Sound Technician: Issam Murad


01. The gypsy الــنــوري
02. A letter from an Exiled رســالــة مبــعــد
03. Thirty Stars ثــلاثــيــن نــجــمــة
04. St. George الــخــضـــر
05. The Gypsy Ins. الــنــوري - موسيقى
06. Ramallah رام الله
07. The Doves are Coming جــاي الــحـــمــام
08. Abu Hableh أبــو حــبــلــة
09. The Pirate الــقــرصــان
10. Yammay ياأمــاي


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